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Written by Hadley Poss Apr 25, 2019

Overcoming Objections When Selling Your Cleaning Services

In the commercial cleaning industry, being the best isn’t always enough to seal the deal on bids and proposals. You have to know how to sell yourself to win in this competitive market. You also have to have tough skin and be skilled in the art of handling objections. An objection is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a reason or argument presented in opposition”. Basically, the reasons or justifications your potential client is giving you for saying no or expressing that they aren’t sure about using your services. Obviously, we would love to hear a yes immediately upon presenting a bid, but as you know that doesn’t happen in most cases. It’s important to remember that objections are not always a bad thing, they can be a jumping off point for convincing your client you are the best person for the job and that they need your services.


Identifying the Most Common Commercial Cleaning Objections


Now that we understand a few ways to combat handling objections in any buyer/seller situation, let’s dive deeper into how this applies to commercial cleaning. In this industry, you hear a plethora of different reasons stating why a potential client is hesitant or uninterested in moving forward. The most common of these might include; “I can’t afford to use your services”, “I can find a company to do this for cheaper than what you are offering”, “I am happy with my current commercial cleaning supply service”, “I’ll think it over and get back to you”, or “I have to consult with someone before making this decision”.. Though these are all fairly understandable reasons for objection, they could be using them as an excuse because your bid or presentation lacked something.


Minimizing Objections in Commercial Cleaning


The best way to minimize objections is to make sure your presentation: 

  1. Establishes credibility and trust in you as an individual along with the company
  2. Establishes a need for your services
  3. Provides all information that might be needed
  4. Answers any potential questions
  5. Is personalized to fit each potential client


Focusing on preventing objections from ever occurring is the first step of the handling objections process. A few ways to do this are by having a strong knowledge of your products and services, a solid understanding of sales and a trustworthy personality, and confidence in your company. Think preventatively by putting yourself in the potential client’s shoes. Think of any question they could possibly come up with and include those in your presentation to avoid that awful moment where they ask you a question you are not prepared to answer.  


Handling Objections in Commercial Cleaning


There are 4 steps to follow when responding to receiving an objection. Using this system is crucial for more success in securing the deal when your potential client is having second thoughts. 

1. Listen to the objection clearly.

2. Repeat the objection back to your potential client so they know that you are listening and that you care about and comprehend their objection. Always start out your response with “I understand…”. Showing understanding will go a long way in establishing a good rapport with them. 

3. Offer a benefit that relates to their objection. This can be done in many ways; a few examples are as follows.

  • A potential client is concerned about making the financial investment to hire a commercial cleaning company, despite the informative presentation you gave that stressed how the company will actually earn that money back in profit from having a cleaner and healthier business very quickly. Offer them a lower rate for the first 3 months so they can experience that for themselves.
  • A potential client is already using a cleaning service that they are happy with, they are nervous about switching companies. Offer them a quality guarantee that states if they are not happier with your services than their old company within a certain time frame you will let them out of their contract.
  • A potential client states that your price is too high. Offer a price sheet that shows the value of each service provided to your client so they understand what is included in your services and their typical value individually. Consider offing them the first time visit at a discounted rate so they can see the cost is worth the quality of the work that you provide.
4. Last, follow up with the potential client about their feelings on the benefit you offered them in response to their objection.


Bonus Sales Tips


Most individuals did not get into the commercial cleaning world because they were natural born salespeople. A large portion of our industry is made up of growing businesses built by people who worked their way up in the industry from cleaners to business managers or owners. Here are a few bonus sales facts to help you understand the sales aspect a little better.

  • About 50% of a salesperson’s results are from natural talent. If you don’t thrive in sales, hire someone to handle this part of growing your business that has the sales aptitude.
  • 82% of people remember you by the tone of your voice on the phone, not the information you are saying. Make sure you have a clear message to deliver but spend some time focusing on the delivery first.
  • First impressions are statistically made up of 7% what you say, 55% how you look, and 38% how you sound. So make sure to always look your best when you know you will be meeting with a potential new client.
  • 74% of buyers said they would be more likely to buy something if the salesperson would listen to them and 95% of them said they believe salespeople talk too much. So try to make your presentations more of a guided two-way conversation instead of you constantly trying to sell them.

Preparation and practice are key to succeeding, but the foundation of your presentation is the content. Make sure it lines up with what we talked about today. Your content should focus on minimizing objections from ever occurring in the first place. Practice your responses for possible in-person objections, you will not have the time to do research and think of an offer on the spot like you might if an objection was stated over email or the phone. Use your personality to connect with your potential clients and learn more about them to hopefully gain their business.

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