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Nov 30, 2017

Protecting Yourself From Sick Employees in the Workplace

Posted by Aaron D. Glazar
It starts with a tickle in the throat, an annoying little cough, itchy eyes, and body aches… there it is, seasonal illness. Now comes a few days to more than a week of feeling sick while the body fights off the bacteria or virus before finally returning to good health. It’s no wonder we all prefer not to shake hands with a person...
Nov 16, 2017

When were the How to Clean Specs for your building last reviewed?

Posted by Chris Lockard
Cleaning a building can be a big task. Depending on the size of your building, it can involve many people and many man-hours to accomplish. Reviewing and updating the "how to clean specs" for your building is very important as budgets are squeezed and the number of available staff members dwindle. Keeping a building clean and...
Nov 9, 2017

6 Cleaning Tips that Make Tough Jobs a Little Easier

Posted by Wayne Dippold
Cleaning is a part of life. We clean our homes and workplace for aesthetics, we clean because it makes us feel good, but most importantly, we clean for our health and safety.
Nov 2, 2017

Which Restroom Stall is the Cleanest?

Posted by Chris Lockard
We've all walked into a public restroom and had to make a choice of which stall to use. There are factors that sway our decision one way or another. Sometimes there is a mess that we would want to dodge or a smell that we can't stand. Aside from the obvious scenarios that we all would avoid, the next question we ask ourselves is,...