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Dec 27, 2018

What Should You Know About Floor Buffer Rentals?

I frequently get asked, "Do you rent buffers?" This seems like such a simple question that could be answered “yes” or “no.” But what is a floor buffer? Are you speaking of a floor machine or polisher? Do you mean a conventional speed, burnisher, rotary machine, side to side, scrubber, or high-speed machine? Which machine will work...

Topics: Floor Care

Dec 20, 2018

Make Your Commercial Cleaning Contracts Stand Out

Do you have a commercial cleaning business and you want to sell more contracts? You’ve done a great job with the first few steps. You have found a lead and got in front of your prospect. You’ve done a walk-through and you are confident that you can meet the client’s needs. Now you need to submit a proposal. The presentation that you...

Topics: Contract Cleaning

Dec 13, 2018

Boost Your Team’s Efficiency with Simple Time Tracking Software

Posted by Peter Gratale
Effective time management and skillful project handling are essential to businesses from all venues, especially cleaning companies. How you distribute and employ your internal resources makes all the difference in your results at the end of the year. Further, cleaning crews have to travel from client site to client site, so making...
Dec 6, 2018

Reducing Floor Damage from Rock Salt and Ice Melt

Posted by Michael A. Necela
Winter weather in certain parts of the country can certainly alter a floor care programs results and can create the need for stripping when the winter weather is over.

Topics: Winter Floor Care