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Jun 22, 2017

9 Signs You Should Invest in Floor Stripping

Posted by Lance Dicker
As the large gilded lobby doors close, you stride over the vivid picture printed on the entrance mat in the vestibule and peer ahead into the vast expanse towards the curved stairwell. The once beautiful floors look dirty, but that’s not possible. The cleaning service, the one recommended by three other business owners because of...

Topics: Healthy Cleaning, Workplace Safety

Jun 15, 2017

11 Keys to Help You Develop and Build Lasting Relationships

Posted by Eddie Barksdale
Time and again many have tried to master the art of building lasting relationships. Some have even written short novels and books indicating their beliefs of the core principles that lead to a solid relationship building foundation. Some of those readings reference statements such as, “Remember things that are important to others.”...
Jun 8, 2017

The Essentials You Need for an Effective Workplace Safety Program

Posted by Lance Dicker
What began as a regular Tuesday for Domingo and Debbie, both facility staff employees at a private high school, quickly became anything but ordinary. As they entered a supply closet, Debbie tripped. She didn’t see the hose laying across the aisle, and as she fell, she knocked over a gallon of bleach with an unsecured cap. As Debbie...

Topics: Employees and Labor, Regulatory Compliance, Workplace Safety

Jun 1, 2017

Floor Scrubber, Investment or Expense?

Posted by Bob Seibel
A Building Service Contractor once told me, “Equipment does not cost me money…it makes me money.”

Topics: Contract Cleaning