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Feb 22, 2018

The Best Ice Melt Tips in February  

Posted by Chris Lockard
You are probably tired of the icy, snowy, and gloomy days of winter. Thoughts of warming spring days and shedding heavy coats are likely all you want to think about as you look outside and see the sun shining. Before your thought process turns to fun under the sun, you’ll want to take one last look at your ice melt situation this...

Topics: Workplace Safety

Feb 15, 2018

Is Stripping Floors Even Necessary?

Posted by Wayne Dippold
Let’s face it. Stripping VCT floors is labor intensive, expensive, and doesn’t always go as planned. Have you spent countless hours scrubbing, stripping, and scraping only to get the result pictured below?

Topics: Workplace Safety, Floor Care

Feb 8, 2018

How the Internet of Things (IoT) is Reshaping the World of Cleaning

Posted by Lance Dicker
Are you or your team responsible for maintenance and facility cleaning? Do you have a checklist of work to be completed in each area and team members assigned to do that work on a set schedule? What if your work was more dynamic? What if you had technology to assist your team with restroom maintenance? What if YOU could impact the...
Feb 1, 2018

Will We Need More Ice Melt or Rock Salt this Year?

Posted by Lance Dicker
As Winter gives way to Spring in the coming weeks and the daylight hours get longer, there will be a tendency for many a facility manager to look toward looming concerns like pest control. Before focus shifts entirely for any facility located in a cold weather region, don’t forget that Winter’s last gasps are often unbridled and...

Topics: Workplace Safety