Who We Serve

We serve customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic from a variety of sectors. Our customers choose to do business with us because they receive top-notch service from a friendly team of experts who listen to their needs, value their time, and provide solutions that deliver successful outcomes.



Cleaning Company Contractors

Cleaning contractors can increase profitability and improve productivity with products and systems designed to drive their bottom line. Our certified specialists will guide you through everything you need, from using the right product to properly training your employees.



We help educational facilities understand the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing in order to help slow the spread of germs that cause common colds, the flu, and other infections. We can also help you lower overall spending on supplies to exceed budgetary expectations.



We recommend systems, product selection, and sanitation procedures that lower the risk of avoidable harm, and control infection rates, to your patients, staff, and visitors.

While our team is here to help you with customized consulting on inventory management, don’t wait - learn more about Stocking the Essentials for your Business with this guide




Impress customers and drive repeat business with cleaner, welcoming facilities. We can help reduce the amount of time crews spend cleaning rooms and modify laundry processes that increase the lifespan of linens.


Industrial & Manufacturing

With the vast array of specialty environments, we provide all the resources needed from the heaviest duty cleaning to the most delicate cleaning required in clean room applications. We’ll help keep these areas clean and the people in them protected.

Keep your crews safe with the right PPE - read Facility Maintenance Safety Starts with the Right Gear on our blog for more information. 


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Office Buildings

We offer a variety of solutions, products, and equipment for office buildings, facilities, and warehouses of all sizes. We’ll help you lower costs and staff time on the job while improving the appearance of your space.

Discover the importance of deep cleaning in addition to routine cleanings and maintenance of your office space in our blog Don’t Forget to Clean the Hotspots. 

Food Packaging & Processing

In addition to helping supply these organizations with the resources needed to remain clean and sanitary we also offer a variety of packaging supplies and equipment solutions.


"Action Unlimited Resources provides real business solutions and expert advice. Working with Action, we've not only saved time and money, but we're benefiting from improved procedures and positive employee feedback."

- Bonnie Catalano, Sanitation Tech Supervisor