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Written by Wayne Dippold Nov 9, 2017

6 Cleaning Tips that Make Tough Jobs a Little Easier

Cleaning is a part of life. We clean our homes and workplace for aesthetics, we clean because it makes us feel good, but most importantly, we clean for our health and safety.

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As an employer, or a self-employed person, you are responsible for health and safety in your business. You need to take the right precautions, have the proper cleaning processes in place to reduce the risks of workplace dangers, and provide a safe working environment.

As we realize the importance of CLEAN, what happens when we run into a real cleaning challenge?

Here are 6 cleaning tips that make tough jobs a little easier.

  1. Determine the soil type and soil load

The dirty grout in a kitchen is not the same as the dirty grout in a restroom. What type of soil are you dealing with? When was the surface last cleaned? Has the floor been sealed?

  1. Choose the correct cleaning product

Chemistry is very important in choosing the correct cleaning product for the job. Would that Alkaline cleaner work best or would that Acidic cleaner be the better choice?

  1. Proper dilution

Using too much or too little can greatly affect the performance of any cleaning product. Read the instructions to determine the proper dilution.

  1. Contact/ dwell time

Time is crucial to performance in cleaning chemistry. Stubborn stains, spots, and soil may require longer contact times to help in their removal.

  1. Proper application/ tools

Choose the right tools for the job. Don't compromise.  A Surgeon wouldn't use an inferior precision instrument to operate, so why would you? If you don't have the equipment required, you may want to use a professional cleaning company to do the job for you instead, especially if it requires expertise. Make sure you choose a cleaning company who don't need you to provide the equipment though. An example can be seen through the UK company Ideal Cleaning who state on their website that they will supply the necessary equipment, materials and chemicals to perform the job, and then they only charge extra for consumables such as toilet rolls and soap. 

  1. Agitation

Scrub, brush, agitate; whichever term you choose, this is an important step in the cleaning process.


These 6 tips can apply to any cleaning challenge on any surface. One last tip to make tough jobs easier: Follow the High to low, dry to wet rule. Seek the advice and help of a professional in the field if you need further assistance.

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