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Written by Chuck Epperson Sep 28, 2017

Adaptability is Key for Your Contract Cleaning Business to THRIVE!


The Opportunity

There are many changes in the janitorial contracting industry that compel us to adapt and improve so we are successful.  Is your focus driving you in the right direction?  Does the customer you once successfully serviced not seem interested in your offerings anymore? 

Here are four opportunities for improvement in your contract cleaning business.   

Customer Acquisition

Identify your ideal customer profile.  Are you looking to service residential or corporate clients?  What services are you willing to provide?  No matter which target market you chose, buying habits have changed over the years as door to door marketing services no longer interest customers.  Online shopping and social media drive decisions as technology takes over the industry rapidly.   Create a unique voice and brand.  Websites, social media advertising, and an effective email campaign may better your chances of gaining attention rather than a phone call or a knock on a door. 

Chemical Formulation and Process Improvements

It seems there are new chemical formulations on the market every day.  Ensure you understand the soils you face and consider improved cleaning chemical as part of your service offering.  For example, a more recent disinfectant formulation may need less dwell on a surface which allows you to move on to your next task.  Learn innovative processes using new tools and equipment.  Speak to other contractors and supply professionals to learn what’s new on the market and how it will help you.

Pursue Greatness

Enhance your skills to help you progress!  Educate yourself.  Receive training and certification.  Knowledge is power and time is money, therefore knowing how to save time will make money!  Consider reaching out to a janitorial supply distributor to learn about training courses that may benefit your bottom-line.

Accommodate Customers

We all know each building isn’t the same and each customer is unique.  Within your target market some customers may be willing to take advantage of all your services while others may only need select offerings. Standardized services packages may not be a best fit.  Be willing to modify your proposals and make your service customer-centric.  A customer’s experience with your business is what really matters.  Focus on the customer’s concerns and accommodate their needs to create raving fans for your business.

The Verdict

Adaptability in business is crucial. Stand out from the rest by leading your market.  Identify process improvements and take advantage of better products.  Learn.  Create a customer-focused company. Embrace change and choose to improve, your business will thrive! Click below for more tips to help you succeed!

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