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Written by Andrew Pierce Sep 7, 2017

3 Quick Tips Before Signing Commercial Cleaning Contracts

A commercial cleaning contract is a business agreement between a company that is looking for a cleaning service and a cleaning company looking to provide that service. Commercial cleaning contracts can reduce major facility headaches, from ensuring patient health and safety to preventing pests and property damage. There are different kinds of cleaning contracts, variants in pricing, and multiple service options. The more you know about your contract, the better!


Areas of Interest
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Green Cleaning: The idea to implement low-allergenic, non-toxic, and biodegradable cleaning agents to help create a safer environment for those that work within and visit the building.
Post-Construction Cleanup: After a building has been remodeled, construction cleanup ensures that a functional business can thrive within the updated space.
Office: Office cleaning is important in business to help prevent the spread of diseases and  keep your employees healthy.
Warehouse: A clean warehouse is an efficient warehouse and reduces the risk of accidents. 
Retail Location: Cleanliness is key to positive customer experiences. Make a good first impression. 
Healthcare: Prevent any spread of illness throughout the hospital. The more effective the cleaning, the healthier the environment for the patients, workers, and visitors. 
Restaurants: Between keeping a clean environment for the customers in the dining room to meeting health standards in the kitchen, proper cleaning contracts help prevent pests, unwanted germs, and bad impressions!
Schools: Dirty schools are distracting! Clean schools enhance student performance. 

House of Worship: Proper cleaning keeps attendees safe, healthy, and feeling good, so they can focus on the service. 


There are many variables that go into the pricing of a contract, for instance, the square footage. The average price per square foot typically ranges from $.05 to $.10 per square foot. Specific services can amplify the price upwards of $.40 per square foot.


Longevity: You may want to avoid a “new” cleaning company, though by no means is this a hard and fast rule. The key to creating a successful relationship between both parties is hiring a contract cleaner that understands the workload and has defined procedures to clean the facility.  The turnover rate for cleaning companies can be as high as 200% annually. Finding an established cleaning company with a strong employee base and procedural training for new hires can help your company avoid many issues early on.better-customer-service-climbing-ladder.jpg

Customer Service: Check out their reviews! Thirty years ago, businesses relied on word of mouth advertising.  Today, reviews are just a click away.  Websites like Yelp, Angie's List, and The Better Business Bureau can make or break a company’s credibility and ability to attract clients.

Business License: The business license is the first indication of a legitimate business.
CIMS Certified: The Cleaning Industry Management Standard is well-known.  CIMS certification proves that the company’s management, performance systems, processes, and procedures are set to bring consistent and reliable work to their customers.
Insurance: Without proper insurance, any mishap could jeopardize your company's time and money.

Whether you're looking to establish a commercial cleaning contract in your facility, or you're a commercial cleaning contractor, there is no job too big! We have created the ultimate cleaning supplies list for you. Take a moment to CHECK IT OUT!
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