Aaron D. Glazar By Aaron D. Glazar • June 29, 2017

Why is Cleanliness Important in the Workplace?

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Monday through Friday you wake and begin your usual routine as you prepare to walk out your door and head to work. Why is cleanliness important in the workplace? You spend a third or more of your day at your workplace, and you are influenced and impacted by your environment all day. Many people obsess about the cleanliness of their homes but pay scant attention to the cleanliness of their job-site. Having a clean workplace is important for all building occupants. Below are the top reasons why the cleanliness of your workplace should be a priority for you and your company.


  • Healthy Employees

Sick employees either aren’t available to work, or work less efficiently. You can help prevent your employees from getting sick by ensuring that their work environment is clean. Hire a cleaning company or have an in-house staff that will regularly clean the facility.

Proper cleaning will reduce the level of allergens that trigger asthma. When choosing cleaning chemicals, it is important to choose those that are safe and will not trigger an allergic reaction in people with sensitive respiratory systems.

Infections like influenza spread very fast among groups who share space. Offering instant hand sanitizers reduces the spread of germs. Additionally, improved air filtration will reduce infection rates by circulating clean air. Respiratory infections will decline, and foul odors will be reduced.



  • Improved Corporate Image and Employee Satisfaction

No one wants to work in a messy environment. Employees prefer working in a clean and tidy space. When your employees are satisfied, engagement levels rise, and your corporate culture is positively impacted. Employees are not the only people who have access to your facility. Clients, investors, and others who visit the workplace will judge you based on the first impressions. A dirty building shows that you are not serious about your business and may factor into a customer’s decision to work with a competitor. A clean facility shows that you care about your employees and you take your business seriously.

  • Preservation of Company Assets

Office equipment and other machinery are valuable assets to any business. This equipment and machinery needs to be maintained to extend its life. If not properly maintained, it may need to be replaced prematurely which means increasing capital expenditures.

Other important assets like floor tiles, carpets, and furnishings should be cleaned regularly to maintain their beauty and extend their useful life. Hard surface floors should have an even gloss, free of scuffs and black marks. Carpets need to be vacuumed frequently and should be free of spots and stains.  Furnishings such as tables and desks should be free of dust and scratches.  All of this will not only prevent unnecessary replacement costs but also contributes to great first impressions.


 Having a clean work environment is important for employers, employees, clients, and investors because it impacts health, satisfaction, and the bottom-line. When everyone is healthy, productivity increases and everyone shares in the benefits.

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