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Written by Action Academy Sep 1, 2021

What Do Cleaning Consultants Do?



And Why Do You Need One?

Cleaning consultants work with your business to analyze the amount you’re spending on cleaning overall and suggest ways for you to save money in this area. They also advise businesses on appropriate cleaning practices, modern methodologies, and products specific to their unique industry. Every industry requires different levels and methods of cleaning and the professionals at Action Unlimited Resources can help devise a plan for the industries we serve.

Who Needs Cleaning Consultants?

Action Unlimited Resources serves a variety of industries because we know that cleaning is something that has to happen in almost every business. The specific industries we serve include: 

Cleaning Company Contractors: The goal of cleaning contractors is to improve productivity and increase profitability. Our specialists can help you with everything you need from training to products.

Education: In today’s world, keeping education facilities clean and sanitized is crucial. We help our educational facilities customers know the difference between clean, disinfected, and sanitized so they can better slow the spread of germs that cause illness. We are also focused on helping them lower overspending on cleaning supplies without cutting effectiveness - a blessing for tight budgets.

Healthcare: Experts at Action Unlimited Resources can recommend systems, sanitation procedures, and product selections that lower the risk of infection rates and avoidable harm to patients, staff, and visitors.

Hospitality: The hospitality industry requires a special kind of cleaning to impress customers and ensure repeat business. Our experts can reduce the amount of time it takes crews to keep your business spic and span as well as update laundry processes to increase the lifespan of linens.

Industrial & Manufacturing: This industry runs the gamut, but Action Unlimited Resources provides resources for the heaviest duty requirements to the most delicate clean room applications. 

Office Buildings: Controlling costs on office building cleaning is possible. Our cleaning consultants have a variety of solutions for office buildings, warehouses, and other facilities of all sizes that can lower costs and the time it takes for staff to accomplish cleaning.

Food Packing & Processing: We help supply these kinds of organizations with the resources that help them remain clean and sanitary while also offering a variety of packaging supplies and equipment.

Why Action Unlimited?

Our cleaning consultants are there to guide our customers by diving into the specifics of each facility. Action Unlimited’s professionals will listen to each customer’s goals and then discuss product procedures and usage. We visit our customers’ facilities to examine inventory, observe systems, and review staffing to see how your unique business uses cleaning supplies. We understand that cleaning budgets are tight. Janitorial and cleaning departments are expected to spend less and less while achieving the same or better results all while trying to improve systems and standards. At Action, we have a team of experts to provide direction, advice, and strategic solutions based on an ever-changing industry.


What do we do?

Whether it’s guiding you on the best cleaning products for your business or devising a plan to reduce waste and time, the experts at Action Unlimited Resources are here to help. We listen to your goals and do an on-site visit to understand the specifics of your facility including systems, inventory, and staffing. Then we help you devise a plan that includes selecting appropriate products to achieve your goals with optimal results, finding sustainable savings to improve your bottom line, and creating a custom inventory management strategy. Our certified experts will also keep your teams certified by laying out product and equipment training sessions.

We also maintain a large online catalog of products and equipment to fit your needs. Peruse our extensive line of facility and janitorial supplies to see which works for your specific goals. You can search for more than 7,500 items including essentials.

Cleaning consultants do much more than simply tell you how to clean better. Our experts partner with your business to achieve your cleaning goals while reducing waste on time and money. If you’re interested in connecting with one of our professionals, contact us today to find out more.

Need a cleaning consultant?


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