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Written by Hadley Poss Feb 21, 2019

What Companies are in Need of Cleaning Contracts?

Obviously, if you’re in the industry you believe that every business needs a cleaning service! The reality is that some companies need one more than others and those companies are who you should be connecting with. Yes, we would love for you to clean every business in the entire city, but the best use of your time is to focus on the industries with the most need for outsourcing a facility cleaning company. After you dominate the industries with a major need for your services, the miscellaneous outliers of these categories that might have use for your cleaning will follow. If you’ve spent your time focusing on growing your business with clients that are almost guaranteed to have a need for facility cleaning then more business will start filtering in through references, brand recognition, and the reach of your growing business.  

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So, what are the 5 main categories of businesses that have a need for a facility cleaning service?

  1. Schools
  2. Healthcare 
  3. Restaurants
  4. Office buildings
  5. Hospitality


Each category has its own sub-categories, so let’s talk about some specific types of businesses that would be good “targets” to make connections with.

1. Schools

You would think that schools are pretty straight forward, public schools from kindergarten through high school are the first things that come to mind. That is a great start but let’s dive deeper into the category. As we begin to brainstorm about educational facilities we realize that thinking of schools in the traditional sense is limiting our reach! Don’t forget about preschools, daycares, after-school care facilities, colleges, tutoring organizations, private schools, boarding schools, trade schools, and more! Think outside the box and focus more on how you can tap into an untouched market that has a need for your services in your area.

2. Healthcare

Healthcare Facilities are ALWAYS in need of cleaning services, they cannot do their job without a sterile and clean environment. Again, don’t limit yourself to your first thoughts about healthcare, this industry is so much more than hospitals and general physicians. Don’t forget to connect with; dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, nutritionists, dermatologists, urgent care facilities, medical office buildings or complexes, and healthcare clinics such as - blood banks, dialysis, rehab, family planning, sports medicine, hospice homes, and more. Also, don’t write off sports or gym facilities, these are also part of the health industry and in great need of facility cleaning services!

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3. Restaurants

Restaurants include everything from fast food to five-star establishments. This is another industry that absolutely needs their cleaning standards to be top notch to thrive. It makes your bid much easier when the potential client considers your services a necessity for survival. Always check with your local health department to get more information on up to date health codes before bidding to a food producing facility. Showing your knowledge of this will make you stand out and prove your competence. A few food facilities you might not think of off the top of your head are; local candy stores, bakeries, cheese shops, butchers, concession stands, and more.

4. Office Buildings

We could go on and on about office buildings. The possibilities are endless with such a generic category; banks, insurance agencies, tech, law, financial, marketing, and sales are the first types of businesses to be included in office buildings. Don’t forget about the little guys like nail salons, retail, dry cleaners, and even the coffee shops or sandwich place located in the building. These small businesses could end up connecting you with other companies in the building or the owner of their office building/complex.

5. Hospitality

Last but certainly not least, the huge category of hospitality businesses. This is so much more than just hotels, though lodging contracts are extremely lucrative. Think about your local event centers, theme parks or game centers, casinos, large clubs or bars, movie theaters, airports, and more.

Pro Tip – Search wedding venues in your area and you’ll have a huge list of potential customers!

The hospitality industry includes any business where people spend their leisure time or extra money. This means these businesses need to keep their facilities as clean as possible because people are willingly spending their free time and money there and can easily find a replacement if their standards are not met.

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