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Written by Action Academy Jun 1, 2021

COVID19: Welcoming Employees Back to the Indoor Workplace

Many organizations are once again opening their doors for employees to return to the office.  Although this is great, some employees may be reluctant. This will be a change, since for the past 15 months, they have worked remotely and adapted routines that make them personally feel safe and comfortable. So, what do you do, as an employer, to ensure your employees are comfortable returning to the office? 

First, employers need to put safety first and do all they can to provide a workspace that is one hundred percent safe and sanitized to prevent anyone from getting infected.  In addition, they need to be in constant communication with frequent updates on what they are doing to provide a sanitized and clean work environment. How can this best be accomplished?

Several Suggestions:

  1. A Welcome Back Email/Letter:  Before employees return to the office let them know what has been done and what will be done to ensure that a clean and healthy workspace is maintained. Provide Assurance!
  2. Have in clear view Health and Safety posters issued by the CDC and OSHA 
  3. Encourage Cleanliness:  Have touchless sanitizer stands around the office; especially in high traffic areas
  4. Provide individual hand sanitizer and masks at each workstation
  5. Maintain a routine cleaning schedule but also have disinfecting wipes available for employees to clean their personal area as needed. 
  6. Space workstations at least 6 feet a part or provide dividers and partitions
  7. Use an inhibitor that provides continuous and persistent surface protection for up to 90 days
  8. Invest in the latest technology that provides continuous and persistent air purification

With all the efforts you do to protect your employees, let them know by displaying signage of all the precautions you are taking. 

For assistance with all these suggestions, please contact Action and… Welcome Back!

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