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Written by Chris Lockard Feb 22, 2018

The Best Ice Melt Tips in February  

You are probably tired of the icy, snowy, and gloomy days of winter. Thoughts of warming spring days and shedding heavy coats are likely all you want to think about as you look outside and see the sun shining. Before your thought process turns to fun under the sun, you’ll want to take one last look at your ice melt situation this season. Here are the best ice melt tips to get you through this winter and ready for the next one.

 How well are you currently stocked?

It’s possible that you won’t have to worry about ice and snow again this season, but winter has a habit of rearing its ugly head one last time when we least expect it. To keep spending at a minimum, many facility managers will try to make due with minimal amounts of ice melt on hand as Spring approaches. When that surprise storm does arrive, frugal managers are scrambling to make sure that their facilities are able to get ice melt while those that prepared handle the situation with ease. Do you remember how much ice melt you used during the last BIG storm that you experienced? You should have at least that much product on hand to be safe.

 4 Late Season Best Ice Melt Tips


How are you going to store leftover ice melt for next year?

If you have a facility with a warehouse dedicated to storing ice melt, then you are a lucky facility manager. Most managers are strapped for storage space.  One of the benefits of purchasing bagged ice melt is that unopened bags will last long periods of time  in any dry environment. Opened bags of ice melt should be poured into airtight containers.

 4 Late Season Best Ice Melt Tips

Could last night’s rain freeze over night?

Snow and sleet may not be seen in the weather forecast anymore this season. That does not mean the temperature won’t dip below freezing overnight. Combined with a spring shower, freezing temps could leave you in a slippery situation. A slip or fall lawsuit can be very expensive. Be prepared to put ice melt around your facility until temperatures are consistently above freezing overnight.

4 Late Season Best Ice Melt Tips 

Buy Ice Melt in the off-season

Many facility managers wait until the Fall or even the first call for snow to buy the ice melt they will need for the winter season. Not only could availability become problematic, but at that point, the price of the best ice melt products have reached a peak. It's the principle of supply and demand. Many companies that sell ice melt are happy to sell you product in the off-season for seriously discounted prices. Take advantage of your suppliers’ eagerness to sell ice melt in the summer.


4 Late Season Best Ice Melt Tips


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