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Apr 26, 2018

Using Technology to Overcome the Biggest Problems in Facility Cleaning

Posted by Lance Dicker
When cleaning a commercial facility there are hallways, restrooms, common areas, offices, and classrooms included in the scope of work. There are tile and wood floors, carpets, glass and mirrors, and many other surfaces. Some organizations use a checklist of work to be completed in each area and assign team members to do that work...

Topics: Guest Experience

Mar 22, 2018

Improved Customer Experience Using Data

Posted by Lance Dicker
Every customer-facing organization recognizes the value of the customer experience, or at least they should if they intend to stay in business. Not every organization, defines the customer experience in the same way, nor do all customers want the same experience, though. It’s reasonable to assume that the customers of a pastry shop...

Topics: Guest Experience

Feb 8, 2018

How the Internet of Things (IoT) is Reshaping the World of Cleaning

Posted by Lance Dicker
Are you or your team responsible for maintenance and facility cleaning? Do you have a checklist of work to be completed in each area and team members assigned to do that work on a set schedule? What if your work was more dynamic? What if you had technology to assist your team with restroom maintenance? What if YOU could impact the...
Feb 1, 2018

Will We Need More Ice Melt or Rock Salt this Year?

Posted by Lance Dicker
As Winter gives way to Spring in the coming weeks and the daylight hours get longer, there will be a tendency for many a facility manager to look toward looming concerns like pest control. Before focus shifts entirely for any facility located in a cold weather region, don’t forget that Winter’s last gasps are often unbridled and...

Topics: Workplace Safety

Dec 28, 2017

6 Tips to Share with Staff to Improve Workplace Cleanliness Etiquette

Posted by Lance Dicker
Cleaning a building is often the responsibility of a person or a team who handle janitorial and facility concerns. Yet, there are some important tips for everyone to know that will improve workplace cleanliness and foster a positive experience every day.

Topics: Employees and Labor, Healthy Cleaning, Workplace Safety

Oct 26, 2017

Bleach Fumes, Clean and Healthy or Danger-Stay Away?

Posted by Lance Dicker
When you think clean, do you also imagine the odor of bleach? We all use bleach in some capacity. Bleach is a disinfectant and whitener/brightener. Maybe you use bleach in the laundry to remove stains, or with a mop to disinfect and clean the floor, or as a whitener in grout lines. Whatever the use, I bet you can close your eyes and...
Jun 22, 2017

9 Signs You Should Invest in Floor Stripping

Posted by Lance Dicker
As the large gilded lobby doors close, you stride over the vivid picture printed on the entrance mat in the vestibule and peer ahead into the vast expanse towards the curved stairwell. The once beautiful floors look dirty, but that’s not possible. The cleaning service, the one recommended by three other business owners because of...

Topics: Healthy Cleaning, Workplace Safety

Jun 8, 2017

The Essentials You Need for an Effective Workplace Safety Program

Posted by Lance Dicker
What began as a regular Tuesday for Domingo and Debbie, both facility staff employees at a private high school, quickly became anything but ordinary. As they entered a supply closet, Debbie tripped. She didn’t see the hose laying across the aisle, and as she fell, she knocked over a gallon of bleach with an unsecured cap. As Debbie...

Topics: Employees and Labor, Regulatory Compliance, Workplace Safety

May 18, 2017

Why Throw Away Trash Bags Full of Money?

Posted by Lance Dicker
Every Bag is Thrown Away Everybody uses trash bags. We use them in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, common areas, industrial areas, and of course outside as well. Also known as trash liners, they exist to capture, store, and remove waste. It really is that easy. Every trash bag costs money, and they all get thrown away. You can save...

Topics: Contract Cleaning

Apr 6, 2017

Got Bugs? Are Cleaning Practices or Janitorial Supplies to Blame?

Posted by Lance Dicker
Spring is in the air… And pests are either in your building now or they’ll be joining you soon. If you are responsible for facility maintenance, grounds, housekeeping, or other areas within a commercial facility with lots of people and lots of space then you may already be familiar with pest problems. When insects make their way...

Topics: Healthy Cleaning