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Written by Chris Lockard Mar 29, 2018

Now That Spring Is Upon Us, It’s Time For Window Cleaning Tips

Now that the chill of winter is beginning to thaw, our thoughts move to Spring and sunny days. Spring cleaning is on many minds, and what better way to let in those rays of sunshine than to make sure windows are squeaky clean? How you clean windows and what you use to clean are important to ensure you get great results. Here are a few window cleaning tips for Spring.

Remove loose soil

One of the most overlooked areas to clean on your windows is actually right around them. Dust, dirt, and dead bugs get trapped on blinds and in the tracks of the windows. Vacuum soil out of the tracks and use a blind attachment to get in between blinds. In lieu of a blind attachment, use a duster or microfiber cloth to clean blinds. Next, remove loose soil on the window surface. Use a dry rag or microfiber cloth to remove dust. Use an abrasive pad to break away caked on soil. Removing loose soil will make the rest of your window cleaning job much easier.

 Now That Spring Is Upon Us, It’s Time For Window Cleaning Tips

Wash the windows

Washing windows is a job that most people dread. It doesn’t need to be if you use the proper tools. Which window cleaning solution will you use? There are many great choices on the market ranging from ready-to-use sprays and aerosols to concentrated cleaners that can save money when diluted properly. Keep in mind that the purpose of the cleaning chemical is to create a barrier between the soil and the surface. This makes the soil easier to remove from the surface of the window. Next, focus on a method to mechanically remove the soil.  A microfiber cloth is a great absorbent option that can be washed and re-used. The preferred method for professionals is to use a squeegee/cloth combo. This allows for complete removal of soil with no smudging and the ability to wipe away excess liquid. Remember that you don’t need to apply too much chemical while washing. A little bit goes a long way and ensures you won’t have too much solution to wipe away.


 Now That Spring Is Upon Us, It’s Time For Window Cleaning Tips



Once the windows have been washed, it’s time to ensure that those rays of sunshine can pour through a streak-free surface. Time is of the essence in this step. If you are using a combination squeegee/microfiber tool, often called a visa-versa, you are a step ahead of the rest. A tool like this increases efficiency and decreases the time to complete the job. One swipe removes soil, then flip the tool over and dry the window. If you are using cloth, make sure you use one cloth for soil removal and another for drying. This will eliminate smearing soil on the freshly cleaned window.  It’s a good idea in either case to designate a cloth for detailing and pay attention to the window corners and edges.


Now That Spring Is Upon Us, It’s Time For Window Cleaning Tips


During the winter months we often neglect windows, especially the outside of the glass. Now that Spring is upon us, get out there and do a great job cleaning windows so everyone can feel the warm rays of sunshine brought by Spring!

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