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Written by Jessica Ting Oct 17, 2019

Let’s Talk Trash: A Guide to Buying New Waste Receptacles

Trash ReceptacleImagine a workspace with piles of leftover food scraps and containers, used tissues, and piles of other trash lying around everywhere. Not only would it be an unsightly mess, but it would likely also smell terrible and potentially result in health issues for the people who work in this space. Not to mention the fact that the trash would also attract an assortment of pests into the building. 

Thankfully, the nightmare image described above can easily be avoided by adding some high-quality waste receptacles to your workspace. When used correctly, and emptied on a consistent basis, trash cans can help keep your building clean, tidy, and sanitary.

As you decide which trash cans to buy for your building or workspace, we have put together a handy guide below to help you out: 


How many waste receptacles should I buy? 

Before you purchase new ones, take stock of how many you currently have, along with their sizes. If you have noticed that the general waste bins are kept empty for longer amounts of time, while your recycling bins are continuously filled to the top, you may want to consider buying more recycling bins and fewer general waste bins. 

Also, if you see that certain areas have trash cans that fill up faster than other areas, you may want to get larger waste bins for those areas. In the perfect scenario, all of the bins will fill up around the same time, so that your team can clean and empty them all at once. 

What material(s) should I choose? 

Recycling Bin

Selecting a durable material will ensure the longevity of your trash cans, and minimize the maintenance and care required to keep the bins looking new. 

Our most recommended waste receptacle material is metal, such as stainless steel, since it is strong and sturdy. Metal cans can withstand the weight of a hefty load of trash, and do not require regular maintenance. 

If you are looking to save money, plastic waste receptacles are less expensive, but can also be less durable compared to metal containers. If you don’t have a very heavy trash load, plastic models can be an economical choice. 

There are also other materials, such as wood, that you can choose from when it comes to selecting your waste bins. Unless you are selecting wood for decorative purposes to complement the aesthetics of the space, we don’t recommend it because wood can be challenging to keep clean. 


What type of waste bins should I select?

As you select the waste containers to purchase, take a minute to consider how and where it will be used. For example, you may want to choose trash cans with lids for your office’s kitchen to minimize the odor from leftover food scraps. Also, you may want to consider a container with a step-on foot pedal so that you and your employees can throw trash away in the kitchen without resulting in dirty hands.

For your office space, waste bins tend to be more discreet and smaller, to take up less space and attention on the floor. Smaller plastic wastebaskets spread around are a common choice for offices. 

Adding high-quality waste receptacles to your building is a key step in keeping your workspaces clean and pristine. But don’t forget to also make sure that the containers are emptied out on a regular basis! If you’re in the market for some new waste containers, our team at ACTION Unlimited Resources is always happy to talk trash, and help you find the best containers for your space!


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