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Written by T.J. Ostrishko Jun 29, 2020

How To Keep Your Business Clean After Reopening

Reopening your business is just around the corner, and we at Action Unlimited are here to help ease your concerns with the virus on Environmental Surfaces. We understand there is misinformation that causes confusion with facility managers when trying to be prudent with their reopening initiatives. Follow the steps below to keep your facility clean and safe after reopening.

  1. Clean: Soil loads need to be removed from environmental surfaces for disinfectants to perform at their maximum efficiency/efficacy. Using the proper tools and processes for cleaning are paramount for successful outcomes.
    1. Microfiber cloths with a quarter fold technique will maximize your usage of each cloth, Here is a quick video demonstration on the quarter fold technique.
    2. Using a safe oxidizer for cleaning, these products cause chemical reactions that “grab” or “accept” dirt, debris, etc. An example would be peroxide.
    3. Clean in a clockwise or counter clockwise rotation and ensure you clean the dirtiest spot last; this ensures you are not just “spreading” around dirt and debris. This is a common error people make and soils the area you are trying to clean.
  2. Disinfecting: Next in our process would be applying a disinfectant product.
    1. Ensure proper dwell time is achieved by reading product labels; this is very important!  This step can make or break your cleaning process, as labels list dry or “dwell” time that the product needs to do its job effectively. There is a saying in our business that the products will work effectively, it’s the application of the product that can go awry. You have already taken the most important step by gathering information to keep your staff and customers safe upon and after reopening, congratulations!
    2. Only use devices approved on the disinfectants EPA Master Label for application as this ensures all the hard work you are performing will be successful and safe. This is critical, as there is a lot of information available out there, and sadly, there is also a lot of misinformation available.
  3. Surface Protectant: Bio Statics are registered with EPA to achieve a residual kill when applied to a clean surface for up to 90 days with Mold, Mildew Bacteria and other pathogens.. Recently, Bio Protect received a 6 week residual claim from the Global Virus Network for Sars-cov2 specifically as an isolate.
  4. After the Bio Static is applied, regular frequency cleaning and disinfecting practices should be followed. and BioProtect RTU should be applied (after cleaning and disinfecting) every 90 days. Is your facility Bio Protect certified? Here is a link to an independent study providing information on Bio Protect, a must read as we begin the reopening process.

I hope this information will relieve some stress as we get closer to reopening businesses throughout our local communities. Following these strategies mentioned will provide a safer environment for all of us where we live, learn, work, and play.


Written by T.J. Ostrishko

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