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Written by Jessica Ting Oct 24, 2019

Frightening Facility Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

As the temperature outside becomes chillier and the leaves start turning yellow and red, we know that our favorite spooky holiday is right around the corner. In honor of Halloween, we’ve put together a list of some of the frightening facility maintenance mistakes to avoid:

  1. A lack of inventory management is one of the most common mistakes that results in wasted time, expedited shipping of supplies, and longer project completion times, all of which will reduce your profits. If you haven’t already, we recommend getting an inventory management system. If you aren’t ready to pay for one, Zoho Inventory and Ordoro are free systems that can be used to effectively manage your inventory flow.
  2. Failure to provide adequate staff training around facility management best practices and safety will lead to a higher chance of liability, injury, or even death on your worksites. Protect your team, and yourself, by providing your team with recurring training on the proper procedures they should use in their day to day jobs so that they are able to perform safely and efficiently.
  3. Equipment MaintenanceNeglecting your regular equipment maintenance may save you some time and money in the short term, but will likely cost you even more time and money in the long term. Without regular maintenance, your equipment is likely to break down unexpectedly. When this happens, not only do you need to shell out money for repairs, your employees will also not be able to finish their maintenance tasks as efficiently. The best way to keep your equipment functioning at its peak is by scheduling regular preventative maintenance inspections.
  4. Failure to listen to facility staff members is an easily remediable mistake you should look to avoid. According to facility management software company UpKeep, “a facility manager should have their pulse on the facility, but that doesn’t mean they are the only person who understands the facility’s overall health.” Although it can be a challenge, establishing a culture of trust and open communication between the facility manager and the staff is key. Oftentimes, staff feedback can be used as an additional diagnosis of the facility, since the staff are the ones getting their hands dirty cleaning and fixing the site.

As a facility maintenance leader, it can be easy to become solely fixated on winning customer contracts and ensuring projects are completed on time. By taking a step back and implementing inventory management controls, listening to and properly training employees, and regularly maintaining your equipment, you can save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run.

From the team at ACTION Unlimited Resources, we wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!

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