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Written by Hadley Poss Jul 5, 2019

Dilution – Action’s Guide to Mixing the Right Solutions

No matter what chemicals you are working with – dilution is key to safety, and performance. If you over-dilute your chemicals you could be wasting product, time, and money and get incorrect results. If you under-dilute your chemicals you could be at risk of having a mixture of solution with a high risk of fume injury and/or chemical burns as well as damage to the surfaces you are cleaning. Action Unlimited Resources takes safety very seriously and has created this chart in order to assure you utilize cleaning supplies in the safest and most effective manner possible.

Dilution Chart

As you can see from the chart, there are various dilution ratios depending upon the amount of solution you are hoping to produce. To break it down into simple terms; The dilution ratio is made up of “parts” – for example, a ratio of 1:4 means 1 part of chemical or cleaning product you are working with and 4 parts of water. To find out the ratio for a gallon of water you would break it down into ounces first – 128 ounces make up a gallon. Next, you would divide that number by the ratio (the 4 parts from our original ratio). This leaves us with 32 – meaning you would need to add 32 ounces of chemicals or cleaning product to the gallon of water. To make this easier we could convert that 32 ounces into cups – which would leave us adding 4 cups of chemicals or cleaning product to our gallon of water. Reading the directions for dilution on the bottle of any product you can follow these steps to figure out the formula for the perfect dilution for a project of any size.

Diluting chemicals is a delicate science. A common mistake individuals make is assuming that making a stronger mixture will do a better job. A few reasons that this is NOT a good idea are the environmental and cost impact of the waste of products, the danger factor, poor performance, and the damage it could do to what your cleaning, as well as the tools and equipment used to clean with. Last and most important thing to note is that cleaning products do not clean as well when they are improperly diluted. This makes all your effort for nothing.

It is extremely important to learn how to calculate dilution ratios when cleaning facilities. There are risks when you use cleaning chemicals without diluting them properly – for workers handling the product and individuals inhabiting the facility after the products have been used. For the safest and most effective cleaning products with clear dilution instructions, turn to Action Unlimited Resources new catalog of products. Take action with Action Unlimited Resources. We have you covered with supplies for any surface you could think of in your facility.

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