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Written by Chad Cooper Jun 29, 2020

Ask the Expert: Why Can’t Electrostatic Sprayers Be Used with Disinfects?

With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, emphasis has been placed on cleaning and disinfecting facilities before buildings re-open when our lockdown ends.  With facilities being mandated to disinfect surfaces every 15 minutes to an hour, efficiency of disinfection is critical to the health and safety of facility staff and all who pass through these buildings.

Electrostatic sprayers are designed with maximizing coverage of chemicals on an environmental surface. The science behind an electrostatic sprayer is complex, but the concept is simple. The idea behind an electrostatic sprayer is to add an electron to the chemical as it sits in the well of the sprayer. Since all chemicals have a positive (+) charge and soil and microbial loads are negatively charged (-), the positively charged disinfectant will be attracted to the negative charge of the soil and “wrap” around the surface helping to target hard to reach areas and allowing for complete coverage of the disinfectant on an environmental surface.

The concept seems flawless, but the question remains: Why can’t I use a disinfectant with an electrostatic sprayer?

All EPA registered products are required to include on the disinfectants master label approved devices for application of the disinfectant being utilized for the kill of pathogens. If your disinfectant does not include electrostatic spraying on the disinfectant master label, the EPA has not approved that product for use with electrostatic spraying to kill pathogens.

Why is this?

Since the disinfectant is now “altered” by the addition of the electron, the formulation of the chemical is also changed and now needs to be retested for efficacy by the EPA.

Unlike electrostatic sprayers, nearly every disinfectant can be used with a “Low Pressurized Sprayer” according to EPA master labels. These would include but are not limited to, spray bottle and trigger, 48. oz pump up sprayers, 2 gallon pump up tank sprayers, forced air misters, etc...

Having the components for disinfection programs synchronized with EPA master label coupled with efficiency for productivity is paramount to the success of these programs.

We can help with advocacy for best outcomes for your facility, consider reaching out to us at Action Unlimited and we will ensure products are compliant for everyone’s safety and benefit.

Written by Chad Cooper

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