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Written by Elsie Weisskoff, Guest Blogger Aug 29, 2019

10 Natural Ways to Rid Common Bugs From Your Office

No one wants to get into work on Monday to find a trail of ants crawling across their keyboard or a family of cockroaches living under the sink in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the workplace doesn’t always have the same cleaning accountability that a house would. You or your coworkers might leave crumbs in the kitchen at lunch and fail to wipe up dripping water in the restroom. These little disturbances might not feel like a big deal, but they can become an open invitation for bugs. 

Luckily, there are some simple tricks that use natural ingredients you can try using in your office to prevent these pests. ApartmentGuide has created a list of 10 common bugs and natural remedies for ridding them. Read through these green cleaning tips to find which ones your office can benefit from. 

Common household bugs and how to get rid of them

This is a guest post created by our friends at ApartmentGuide. 

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