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Aug 15, 2019

Facility Maintenance Safety Starts with the Right Gear

Posted by Hadley Poss
Safety is the key to success in almost every scenario, especially in the workplace. According to Fibergate, one of the top reasons for staff turnover is feeling unsafe in the workplace. Facility maintenance staff members need to be extremely cautious throughout their work day if they are consistently dealing with harsh chemicals,...

Topics: Facility Cleaning

Aug 8, 2019

Which Hand Washing System is Right for My Facility?

Posted by Hadley Poss
Commercial faucets, soap dispensers, and hand drying systems are all built for high traffic use. They will all work efficiently for excessive use, but with the endless options available, how does one decide which systems to implement in their facility? In this week’s post, we have created a guide that will break down the pros and...

Topics: General Cleaning

Aug 1, 2019

Why Fighting Odors in Your Facility Should Be a Priority

Posted by Hadley Poss
No matter what type of commercial facility you have, odor will always be a concern. In order to combat this reoccurring issue, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow.

Topics: Restroom Odor Control, Healthcare Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning

Jul 25, 2019

Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing – Oh My!

Posted by Hadley Poss
Are cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing all the same thing? The simple answer is no! They are all important parts of a trio that make up a successful process of facility maintenance and cleaning. Each one is a very necessary step towards a healthy and enjoyable environment and an important aspect of enhancing the quality of your...

Topics: General Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning

Jul 11, 2019

Which Sponges and Scrubbers to Use on My Facility’s Surfaces?

Posted by Hadley Poss
Some may say that the solution you choose to maintain the surfaces you are responsible for in a commercial facility is the most important part of the cleaning process. Though the cleaning solution is important, it would be useless without the proper tool to clean with. Sponges, scrubbers, wipers, scouring pads or sticks are just a...

Topics: Facility Cleaning

Jul 5, 2019

Dilution – Action’s Guide to Mixing the Right Solutions

Posted by Hadley Poss
No matter what chemicals you are working with – dilution is key to safety, and performance. If you over-dilute your chemicals you could be wasting product, time, and money and get incorrect results. If you under-dilute your chemicals you could be at risk of having a mixture of solution with a high risk of fume injury and/or chemical...

Topics: General Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning

Jun 28, 2019

3 Ways a Clean Workplace Impacts Productivity

Posted by Hadley Poss
Is your office’s productivity down? Is your level of clutter, dirt, and mess up? These two are most definitely correlated. A clean workspace is key in encouraging a productive environment. Let’s talk about three of the main ways a clean workplace can impact an employee’s motivation.

Topics: Employees and Labor, Commercial Cleaning

Jun 21, 2019

Handling Granite in Commercial Cleaning

Posted by Hadley Poss
As a commercial cleaning company, you have a responsibility to not only get the job done but also to uphold the quality of the space you are cleaning. Sometimes we encounter a surface that cannot be cleaned with our go-to supplies without damaging or lowering the lifespan of the material.
Jun 14, 2019

Does providing green cleaning make or break your business?

Posted by Hadley Poss
As the organic movement increases in popularity in the United States and across the world, more and more research is being done on how chemicals in our food, cosmetics, and cleaning products are impacting our health as well as the environment. This research sounds great to most individuals, but if you work in one of those three...

Topics: Healthy Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Green Cleaning

Jun 7, 2019

Buff Your Tile Floors Back to Life

Posted by Hadley Poss
As a business owner, property manager, or commercial cleaning company – you understand the importance of a well-maintained and sparkling clean business. This doesn’t just start with eye level cleaning, floors make up a huge part of the overall cleanliness of a business and they are often neglected. Even if you splurge on the best...

Topics: Floor Care

May 30, 2019

Growing Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Posted by Hadley Poss
You may be thinking about growing your company once you’ve established a steady flow of income, consistent commercial cleaning contracts, and a solid staff. This can be an exciting and overwhelming time so Action Unlimited Resources is here to help you with a few simple ways to start the process off. Before we start handing over...

Topics: Commercial Cleaning

May 23, 2019

Using Social Media to Boost a Commercial Cleaning Company

Posted by Hadley Poss
Social media is the fastest growing platform for business marketing, but it can be very difficult to navigate if you are not familiar with it. Most individuals got into the commercial cleaning business because that was their strong suit, not business development; marketing; or technology. This makes social media marketing especially...

Topics: Marketing for Commercial Cleaning Companies