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Apr 12, 2018

6 Innovative Approaches to Improving Janitorial Services

It’s 2018. Cars are beginning to drive themselves. Virtual reality is rehabilitating stroke patients. Autonomous, robotic microscopes are helping to clean up the world’s water supplies. And yet many janitorial services business owners are still operating primarily with pen and paper. For those who are using technology, it’s often a...

Topics: Employees and Labor

Dec 28, 2017

6 Tips to Share with Staff to Improve Workplace Cleanliness Etiquette

Posted by Lance Dicker
Cleaning a building is often the responsibility of a person or a team who handle janitorial and facility concerns. Yet, there are some important tips for everyone to know that will improve workplace cleanliness and foster a positive experience every day.

Topics: Employees and Labor, Healthy Cleaning, Workplace Safety

Aug 17, 2017

4 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Cleaning Training Programs

Posted by Keith Harden
Walking into any facility that is maintained poorly by a mediocre staff is frustrating. Top-notch Facility Managers and Cleaning Contractors take great pride in the appearance of their building(s) and they employ and train great people to make it happen.

Topics: Employees and Labor, Workplace Safety

Jul 27, 2017

How to Deliver Quality to Assisted Living for Seniors [A Case Study]

Posted by Chris Lockard
Laundry Program Forges Problem-Solving Partnership At Ingleside Assisted Living where the mission is to ensure that every senior, regardless of their level of income, has an opportunity to live the fullest possible life at his or her highest level of independence, the challenge of providing laundry solutions for the residents is a...

Topics: Employees and Labor

Jun 8, 2017

The Essentials You Need for an Effective Workplace Safety Program

Posted by Lance Dicker
What began as a regular Tuesday for Domingo and Debbie, both facility staff employees at a private high school, quickly became anything but ordinary. As they entered a supply closet, Debbie tripped. She didn’t see the hose laying across the aisle, and as she fell, she knocked over a gallon of bleach with an unsecured cap. As Debbie...

Topics: Employees and Labor, Regulatory Compliance, Workplace Safety

May 11, 2017

Success Began with a New Floor Stripping and Waxing Program!

Posted by Chris Lockard
Bringing Action to a Vision Paul Papili, the Facilities Supervisor of St. Elizabeth School, a historic private Catholic School in Wilmington, DE was hired in the spring of 2016. Almost immediately, Paul envisioned restoring the old terrazzo floors to their original brilliance while maintaining his budget with limited staffing....

Topics: Employees and Labor

Mar 23, 2017

Are You Legal? Regulatory Compliance and Your Cleaning Supply List

Posted by Aaron D. Glazar
When you are responsible for the health and welfare of a facility full of people a great many things weigh on your mind. The last thing you want is for someone to become ill or injured because of the cleaning supplies used in the building. Here is a quick rundown of the regulations and safety precautions related to the cleaning...

Topics: Employees and Labor, Regulatory Compliance

Mar 16, 2017

Doodie Calls, What Every Boss Should Know About Restroom Odor Control

Posted by Aaron D. Glazar
You heave a huge sigh of resignation. You don't want to go in there, but it is now an emergency. You fill your lungs with as much air as possible, wondering how long you will be able to hold your breath, and then you rush into the danger zone. You do what you must do, flush with your foot and go to wash your hands. Luckily, you are...

Topics: Employees and Labor, Healthy Cleaning, Restroom Odor Control

Feb 24, 2017

Motivation, the Most Important Item on a Cleaning Supplies List

Posted by Aaron D. Glazar
Properly equipping employees with the necessities on their cleaning supplies list is important. However the most empowering thing we can give them for success isn't a tool or a chemical, it's motivation. Employee motivation is a key factor to a company’s success. Disengaged employees are estimated to cost the U.S. between $450...

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