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Oct 25, 2018

8 Priceless Insights from IoT in Restrooms

Posted by Edward Lymn
 Without gathering and studying data, we are unable to progress. Whether that’s through observation of the world around us, or academic study. Often the best way to improve is to study the history of what has come before and learn lessons from it.

Topics: Restroom Odor Control, Facility Cleaning

Oct 18, 2018

Bringing Facility Cleaning into the 21st Century

Raise your hand if you are responsible for maintenance and facility cleaning. Are there hallways, restrooms, common areas, offices, and classrooms included in the area that is cleaned? You may be responsible for the cleanliness of flooring, walls, furniture, glass, and mirrors, as well as many other surfaces. I bet you have endless...

Topics: Facility Cleaning