SmartSite Analysis

We start with your goals. What results do you want to achieve? A meticulously clean hospital where infections are controlled? A pristine office environment that reflects your professionalism? A well maintained, clean school where students can focus on their education? Whatever your goals, we want to hear them.

We visit your facility and ask even more questions. What are your cleaning and maintenance procedures? How long do they take? Who conducts them? What training have they received? What products are you using? What are the current outcomes and how do they measure up? How much are the products and labor costing you? We always factor in labor – it’s often 90% of the total cost.

Once we understand what you want to achieve and know your current processes, our team works on creative solutions designed specifically for you and the current environment you’re operating within (budget, staffing, storage, inventory, etc). We propose the solutions that meet or exceed your expectations and that save you money.

We may suggest new systems or equipment that eat up less labor hours or facility supplies, or we might introduce you to products that get the job done in less time – The right tool, chemical, and correct application can reduce cost and improve results. Rest assured you’ll be privy to the latest ideas and innovation in the industry, all tailored to your needs.