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We help you obtain the most value out of your facilities and janitorial supplies. That doesn’t mean shaving a penny off here and there to offer cheaper prices. Our certified specialists come to your facilities and dig into the details to discover how your business consumes supplies. Then we assist you in choosing products that enable you to achieve your goals at a fraction of the cost.

For example, we may visit your restrooms where liquid soap seems to evaporate by the gallon and let you in on a secret—it’s time to switch to foam dispensers. You’ll use a lot less soap. Lower case cost? No. Lower overall-cost in use? By FAR!! And we have many more straightforward, money-saving ideas to fatten up your bottom line.

From Janitor to Customer-Focused Business Founder

Alan Glazar joined the Marine Corps at 17. After he was wounded in Vietnam, the Marine Corps trained him in heating and air conditioning, but it wasn’t for him.

So he became a janitor for a company that distributed cleaning supplies. His responsibilities quickly expanded from sweeping floors to making coffee, adding up invoices, and calculating the daily profits. One day the owner said, “Kid, I want you to go out and sell.” This was when Alan discovered his calling—helping customers. Because he was good at it, the competition noticed and snapped him up.

In the new company Alan rose to fill the shoes of general manager, purchasing manager, and sales manager — essentially he was running the company for the owner. And in 1982 he decided to found his own company – Action Paper & Chemical Co. It was a company founded from the mindset of a salesman on the street and with a simple guarantee– 100% Customer satisfACTION!

Why Action Unlimited Resources?

The company name has now changed to Action Unlimited Resources. The central theme of “Action” remains because Alan always believed that it was essential to handle customer needs with a sense of urgency. That conviction still underlies everything we do. Ready for a new approach to your janitorial supplies DE? See the difference you can experience with clean, healthy and safe facilities with Action Unlimited Resources, Inc.

Our Guiding Principles

The company continues under the leadership of Alan’s son, Aaron, who uses a team approach to provide you with exceptional service. The company has been under his leadership since 2002. He continues to manage from his father’s guiding principles, catering to the company’s three main stakeholders – customers, team members, and suppliers. Whenever the Action Unlimited team makes a decision, we consider how it will affect each of these groups. This is the challenge we’ve set forth:

  • Customers will do business with Action Unlimited because they know the company will respond to their needs and exceed their expectations.
  • Team members will work at Action Unlimited because they want to be here, and believe in our ideals of putting the customer first.
  • Suppliers will understand they are our valued partners today and tomorrow.


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