Category Optimization Solution

Our COS service makes your life easier by helping you increase productivity while saving money and optimizing results.  We become an extension of your company so you don’t have to worry about managing your facility and commercial cleaning supplies.

1. Meet Your Goals and Save

Our COS starts with a SmartSite AnalysisTM – learning about your goals as well as the processes and the products you use to achieve them cost effectively.

2. Get Results

As always, once we’ve immersed ourselves in your goals, processes and products, we help you discover solutions to achieve better results and/or lower costs.  Because we focus on your goals, you’re assured that your facility will remain clean and safe. You’ll get the right commercial cleaning and facilities supplies and learn the systems to use them the best way.

3. Save Time

Don’t lose sleep about what you need and when you need it because our supplies experts, supported by robust systems, take care of inventory management for you.  You’ll save time and will never be embarrassed by shortages of toilet paper, garbage bags, or any other essential item.

We’ll take care of it so you can use your time to achieve results on other projects.

4. Improve Cash Flow

We make sure you always have what you need, and don’t tie up your cash in excess inventories.

5. Control Your Budget

Just because we’re managing your facility supplies, it doesn’t mean you have to give up budget control.  Ask us about our flexible pricing options that allow you to set the limits. It’s like setting the cruise control on spending.

6. Rely on the Experts

Whenever you need our expert advice, we’re just a phone call away.  We’ll train your staff to give them a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t. We’ll answer questions and help you solve your problems.

7. Continually Optimize Solutions and Savings

Sometimes our customers view purchasing supplies, sourcing, and finding new solutions as a one-time event.  After all, they’ve got plenty of other tasks on their to-do lists.

But to get the most out of your supplies, purchasing managers have to keep up on changes in products, processes, technology, and their facility’s needs. No time?  That’s okay. We do it for you–monitoring your reports and supplies’ usage and asking all the right questions. And, of course, we stay up on commercial cleaning supplies and maintenance products as well as industry trends.

Take Action and Save

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