Supply Solutions

Introducing Action’s Category Optimization Solution™

  • A new “product” we are introducing to the market.
  • Position this much as the managed print services have been in that market- you can buy equipment and printer cartridges or you can buy a managed print service. We still distribute products (and still help you do it smarter) but if you want a managed approach where we manage all aspects of the category for you we have that as well.

COS™ is a category management program that saves staff time, reduces overall costs and optimizes the results you are achieving. Today, everyone is looking for ways to reduce costs and save time. But they can’t risk having the pressure to reduce costs mean lower quality products that do not work well. Maintaining a healthy, safe environment is a must. How to achieve both? It’s simple- Action’s unique new Category Optimization Solution. COS looks beyond products- it looks at how to efficiently manage the entire category. Working closely with you, our category management experts will develop a customized solution to meet your specific needs. We streamline that process of purchasing and managing your supplies and obtaining the results you need.


  • Reduce total costs- by increasing efficiency
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs- eliminate need to maintain higher inventory levels to eliminate out of stocks and pay only when product is used not when shipped to your facility.
  • Give time back to your staff as they no longer need to spend time purchasing and managing inventory. With the right products, systems and training, housekeeping/janitorial staff saves time too.
  • Control Budgets/Predictable Budget Expense- our flexible pricing options allow you to align expenses to your budgeting requirements. (We can test different pricing models to see if any are relevant to target markets: If you would like a flat monthly budget rate we can do that or we can tie price to a relevant budget measure so as per patient or per student. But in messaging just leave it top line- too difficult to explain various options unless we find one that resonates).
  • Improve Results- our category experts make sure you get the right products and then are available to train and support your staff making sure results are achieved efficiently

How it Works

Working closely with you, our category experts customize a solution to meet your needs. Our COS model puts you at the center. A 4 phase process takes us from an initial understanding to a true partnership.

1. Understand- we begin with our proprietary SmartSite analysis process which includes an expert assessment of your current state, the true total cost of usage and the “desired” state- what you want to achieve.
2. Improve- Based on the finding from the COS audit we identify ways to increase efficiency, reduce total costs and improve, not reduce, results
3. Manage- we can manage the entire process of purchasing and inventory management, insuring you have what you need when you need it, And because you only pay for what you use, you do not need to worry about the cost of carrying excess inventory. And our category experts are available to support your staff with training and solving problems.
4. Optimize- we continually monitor usage, provide reports to insure you have the information you need and continually look for ways to optimize results and lower total costs.

Take Action and Save

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